Dressing hippie fashion can often be fun. Whether you are trying it out just to change your dressing trends or to rock a costume party, you are sure to find the style real exciting. The best part about hippie fashion is that it brings out the natural beauty in a person, allowing an individual to express their looks rather than enhance the. Dressing like a hippie is not all too complicated; here are a few tips to get you started.

To get the best hippie costume, it is recommendable to buy used clothes. You can do your shopping at flea markets or thrift stores or in any other place that you can find used clothes. There are also some new age stores or online stores that sell hippie style outfits. The main idea behind hippie dressing was to promote the purchase of used clothes that were sold locally. While a tee can work pretty well with the appropriate accessories, it is often a great idea to opt for loose and comfortable natural tops. If you are going for the tees, go for the used ones which are old and faded. For the hippie outfit to look best on a lady, she needs to put on a soft cotton bra that has neither padding nor under-wire or choose not to wear any. To stand out in a hippie outfit without much effort, try out peasant blouses with long sleeves. Accessorize your costume with a vest, the suede fringe being the best. This vest is the great option for both men and women. One can also try out beaded or floral vests. Another way of adding a touch of stylishness to your look is by donning a vintage denim jacket.

For classy hippie pants, it is often wise to go for denim bell bottoms. They are the staple of hippie fashion and can be worn by both men and women. You can also try out jeans that are torn, patched or faded. Another stunning way of accentuating your hippie style is by putting on an Aladdin trouser.

Corduroy, patterned or denim pants can also make amazing summer hippie pants as long as their bottoms have the characteristic hippie flair. If you are going for the bell bottom pants, you can make the look even better by embroidering on them a peace-sign patch. Unlike men whose only bottom options are hippie trouser or hippie shorts, women have got a vast range of bottoms to choose from.

Another great way of pulling off a hippie look for a lady is by going for loose flowy skirts. Even though these are often much more gypsy style, they can also substitute for a perfect hippie look. Tunic or sundresses can also work pretty well. Micro- or mini-skirts can also do, however, to get a killer look, you will need to pair them with above-the-knee footwear.

Flat sandals are often an amazing footwear option, especially with harem pants. If the weather is cold, you can opt for hippie boots, the best options being suede or leather. You can also add a touch of style to your hippie style by trying out moccasins.

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